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10 Fitness Tips from CrossFit's Elite

Put on a Happy Face

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"Whatever I do I always have fun. Even though CrossFit is always challenging—I'd never done Olympic lifts before—I make sure I'm smiling. A positive attitude helps a lot!" - Janet Huynh, 28, of Valley Crossfit, open competitor

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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"You have to be willing to be uncomfortable to reach your goal. Mental toughness is just as important as strength!" - Emily Taylor, 26, of Crossfit SoCal, 21st in team competition

Stick with It. No Excuses

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"The key for me is to stay dedicated. I train five times a week, no matter what. And don't be afraid to lift really heavy!" - Alex Sparling, 26, Canada West regional competitor

Rest Rules

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"Rest is the most important factor. I make sure I get a good night's sleep, and while I schedule at least one rest day a week, it all depends on how my body feels. If I'm tired, I'll take more." - Chuck McDonald, 57, 13th in the Masters Division

Ban Workout Boredom

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"Keep it fresh with cross training! I love CrossFit but I also do crew. It helps to keep things from getting boring and builds different skills." - Caitlyn Gray, Central East regional competitor

Embrace Your Inner Olympian

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"My favorite part about CrossFit is incorporating gymnastics. Forward rolls, handstands, and other tricks really teach you balance and core stability, which help you in your weight lifting." - Katie Wright, 30, of Crossfit Atlanta, open competitor

Don't Discount Your Diet

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"Eighty percent of my success is diet. But it's an athlete's diet; I'm never hungry! Plus, I love CrossFit because what other sport are women equal with the men?" - Lauren Andrade, 36, of Crossfit SoCal, 21st in team competition

CrossFit is Contagious. Catch It

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"CrossFit changes lives outside of the gym. Learning to discipline yourself in the gym leads to internal changes like more confidence, which can help you in all aspects of your life. This power to change lives: that's why I do this." - Andrea Seward, Crossfit coach, competitor and owner of Trident Crossfit

Use Food as Fuel

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"Most of training is about nutrition. Experiment with your nutrition until you find what works best for you. For me it's eating a combination of Paleo and Zone, and when I do it right I can tell immediately with increased stamina and faster recovery." - Chris Muscarella of Hustle Hard Powered by Hew, 32, 15th in team competition

Practice Makes (Almost) Perfect

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"Practice, practice, practice! Especially skill specific practice. I work a lot of snatches and cleans." - Charles Sullivan of Vero Beach Crossfit, 57, 9th in the Masters Division


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