From drizzles to downpours, running in the rain presents its own unique set of wet and squishy problems

By Hannah Doyle
Updated: April 18, 2016

Rain really knows how to put a damper on your plans to run outside. Sure, it cools you down at first, but then it goes and gets everything wet-yuck. Not to mention, it may sound perfect, but it nearly obstructs the eyes.

In conditions like these, we have to ask ourselves: workout inside or outside? The answer usually goes to whatever we hate less at the moment: treadmill or wet clothes. But when the gym won't cut it, don one of these running jackets for unpredictable weather, go for it, and take solace in the fact there are other people out there experiencing these problems.

Your heels kick up dirt water everywhere.

At the speed you run, you're practically mud racing.

When the rain is pouring sideways, it virtually blinds you.

So you keep your eyelids at half-mast.

It's wet everywhere it shouldn't be.

Like in your ears.

And not everywhere it should.

Like your mouth.

Your socks get so wet the squish is audible.

And everyone knows you're coming.

You can't really gauge if you're sweating or just wet from the rain.

Which leaves you to determine your RPE by your breath, but where's the glory in that?

Cars spray up water on you.


And you act like it was on purpose.


Holding onto your phone becomes a workout itself.

Here's to hoping it lands screen-side up.

Your clothes mat to your body, making everything visible.

Crotch, meet world. World, meet crotch.

And you start to guess how much time it'll take for it all to hang dry.

Approximately five million years for two crusty socks.

The sidewalk turns into an obstacle course of puddles.

No matter how agile, your feet get wet.

And slippery patches.

Concentrate, concentrate...

So you constantly look down to avoid it all.

And hope you don't run anyone.

But no playlist sounds as good as rain hitting the ground.

Zen AF.

And when you're done, you feel like a superhero.

If the rain can't stop you, what can?


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