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18 Ways Weight Lifting Will Change Your Life

1. Your appetite skyrockets.


Weight lifting will teach you the real meaning of "hangry." Typical post-training feels: "I could eat EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD."

2. You get serious satisfaction from the tiniest gains.


No one else will notice yet, but you know they're there.

3. None of your jeans fit now.


But it's ok, because it means booty gains. And that's a cause for celebration, not tears.

4. You become secretly proud of your calluses.


Other peope might think "ew," but you think it makes you look totally tough.

5. Your hands become weirdly veiny.


You might think, am I turning into the Hulk for real? Because those veins look seriously pumped.

6. Doing an internal happy dance when you realize you're lifting more than the guy next to you.


Take that, misogynists!

7. You start to look at possible boyfriends totally differently.


Your tastes are aimed more towards big and beefy now (mostly because the idea of out-lifting a guy you're dating feels a little weird). Also, how else will you find a #swolemate?

8. Your gym attire goes from cardio-bunny cute to tough-ass bitch chic.


Getting in the workout zone has become less about bopping around on the elliptical and more about looking intimidating AF while weight lifting. So, naturally, your gym outfit should follow suit.

9. You develop a little bit of a superiority complex.


Remember those days you spent hours walking on the treadmill? Now hours of cardio seem so beneath you.

10. You're getting hooked on feeling POWERFUL AF.


Feeling crazy strong in the weight room totally translates to all other areas of life.

11. Slamming weights around becomes your favorite new form of therapy.


PMSing? Time to deadlift.

12. When you see another girl hanging around the free weights, you feel an instant connection.


When there are so many dudes around, finding other #girlswholift is always a magic moment.

13. You gain a kinda scary urge to punch things, just because you can.


When your arms transform from noodles to guns, it's tempting to try out your new weapons.

14. Being too sore to walk might possibly be the best feeling in the world.


You might almost faceplant getting out of bed after leg day, but it's oh-so-satisfying.

15. You start eating really weird foods combos, all in the name of getting enough protein.


Cottage cheese and peanut butter is totally normal. Go ahead, judge me.

16. You're getting curvier. (Take THAT, all people who say lifting makes you look masculine).


And muscles are freaking sexy curves, right?

17. But at the same time everything feels tighter than ever.


You feel so much less like a blob of flesh. It's amazing.

18. You realize you're addicted to the gains, and your workout routine will never be the same.


You've officially boarded the swole train, and there's no hope of hopping off.


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