Here's why you should get upside down every day

April 19, 2016

Don't say it. Don't even think it! Handstands are not just for kids. Sure, you probably spent more time flinging yourself upside down when you were younger, but there's no age limit to standing on your hands. All you need is the ability to not be scared if you fall and to laugh at yourself when you do (which will most likely happen a lot if you're new to handstands). And with all the health benefits listed below, you'll want to practice them every day.

1. They're fun: They make you feel silly and giddy and happy, like a kid again. They literally give you a new perspective on life and when you find your balance for even a half a second, they make you feel so ecstatic. Feeling sad? Just go upside down and it's sure to give your mood a joyful boost.

2. Stability: This may be obvious, but practicing handstands helps improve your sense of balance. And the stillness and stability you feel in your physical body translates to your emotional state, making you feel more calm and centered.

3. Dang, look at your arms! Holy strength! It takes a lot of muscle power to hold yourself on your hands. Not only will you increase strength in your palms, wrists, and forearms, but you'll really notice a difference in muscle definition in your shoulders and upper back. The L-Stand shown below is a great way to build upper-body strength because it allows you to hold the pose much longer than you probably can on your own; try it for five to 20 seconds. It's also a safe beginner modification to try if you're nervous about falling over and getting hurt.

4. Fall 7 times, Get Up 8: Since this is an advanced pose, you're bound to be unsuccessful in the beginning. But there's something to be said for having the determination to stay committed to try even through your fear and your frustration. This can flow through other areas of your life, too.

This article originally appeared on Popsugar Fitness.

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