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5 Ways to Find Time to Workout in Your Busy Schedule

Workout On Your Lunch Break

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Swap out a leisurely lunch break with a power workout a few times a month, and you'll be able to add a quick session into your day. If you're pressed for time, dry shampoo, face wipes, and an organized gym bag can keep your locker room time short and sweet. Try this quick workout. It tones your entire body in 6 minutes. Add a little cardio and call it done.


Mark it On Your Calendar

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Blocking out time on your calendar will help you schedule around your workout instead of just thinking you'll have time to fit in it in and then not being able to.


Workout with a Friend

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You know that exercise buddies can be the key to a keeping you accountable in your fitness routine, so if you feel you're in need of some catching-up time, then try scheduling a tennis session or a jog around the park with a friend instead of brunch or drinks.


Make it Quick

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There are many ways to fit in a 20-minute session that gets your heart pumping, including working out at home or going for a quick run. When we asked you, you had more creative ways to squeeze in some exercise. FitSugar reader GummiBears likes to break out the jump rope, while trinachka multitasks with free weights on the stair-climber.


Change Your Bedtime

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If you find yourself wasting the end of your day on mindless TV, going to sleep a little earlier could be just what you need to wake up early enough to exercise before the craziness of the day begins.



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