By Melissa Ivy Katz
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For weeks we've equipped you with the necessary tools to clean up your diet, simplify your lifestyle, and make healthier decisions that have you operating at your very best potential. If you've been exercising regularly on top of all these changes, you should also be seeing the results physically, right? Not necessarily. The truth is, your body might be so accustomed to your workouts that your metabolism is in lazy mode, and you're stuck on stubborn plateau that seems impossible to push past.

To help you look as good as you feel, we dug through our gigantic inventory of exercise studies to determine the most popular fitness tips proven to yield real results. These seven adjustments, when applied to your regular fitness routine, will reshape your body by changing the way it responds to cardio and strength training. From working different muscles to turbocharging the end of your cardio sessions, you can build lean, fat-frying muscle that makes it easier to lose weight, firm flab, and achieve that fabulous figure you've always wanted.

And there's no need to schedule longer gym sessions, either! These simple tweaks will add only a few extra minutes to your routine for the next week. Memorize them so they become part of your daily fitness regimen and soon you'll start shaving time off your workouts while still producing the same, jaw-dropping results.

What are you waiting for? Print out the foolproof plan below to get started today!

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