What it looks like when you try to avoid the gym, but ultimately end up thankful that you didn't

By Alyssa Sparacino
Updated: May 15, 2016

Even if you're in a serious long-term relationship with fitness-like you guys are in love-there are occasions when you just don't feel like working out. (You're not alone. Here are 21 Ridiculous Ways We Justify Skipping the Gym.) It happens to the best of us. Happy hours, long weeks at work, and, you know, sleep, can all get in the way of feeling cheerleader-level peppy about exercising. But you know the saying: The only workout you'll regret is the one you didn't do. So you'll propbably recognize these totally relatable stages-from avoiding the gym to feeling completely elated and sweaty-of talking yourself into a workout.

1. Nope, that workout is so not happening

Stage one is where you give yourself every conceivable excuse not to work out. Your brain is fried from a tough day at work. Your friends are peer-pressuring you into happy hour. It's the first nice day outside this season and...brunch. Whatever it is, you tell yourself you deserve to take a break.

2. Ugh, my gym clothes are staring at me.

Like a good little fit-girl, you laid out your clothes the night before (or brought them to work) so that you'd have no excuse (HA!) not to fit in your workout. Now, instead, they're taunting you, making you feel guilty for trying to back out on your plans.

3. I'll just go hard during my workout tomorrow.

Telling yourself that you'll "make up for it" during your next workout is just one of the many mind tricks you try to use on yourself to feel better about ditching today's spin class. You know, logically, that's not how this whole fitness thing works.

4. OK, fine. I'll go, but this is not going to be a good workout.

When your head isn't in the game, you're not going to be able to bring your best to the playing field. If you don't get your mind right, then convincing yourself to get to the gym in the first place will be a total wash.

5. Ugh, the only cardio machine left is the stationary bike with the broken foot strap.

It's certainly not your first choice, but you hop on and start pedaling. By about minute 15 you stop noticing the broken strap and wobbly handlebars, and finally understand that if you've gotten to this point, you better get everything you can out of this workout.

6. Oooh, wait, I love this song!

It's amazing what the right playlist can do for your workout. (These 4 Playlists Are Proven to Add Power to Your Workouts.) In this case, it's turned your haphazard workout from half-assed to badass. You bypass your usual 8-pound dumbbells and opt for a pair of 12s instead because you're finally in a groove.

7. I'm gonna surpass my PR for longest plank!

You've officially worked up a sweat and the endorphin buzz is going strong. You're a little mad at yourself for trying to get out of this workout before. You knew you'd ultimately feel this happy and strong but struggled with getting from point A to Z.

8. Been there! Conquered that! What's next?

After all that pouting and dragging your feet, you leave the studio sweaty and completely elated that you totally crushed your workout. You swear you'll remind yourself of this feeling next time Netflix is calling your name and you want to bail on your exercise plans, but then there's the siren call of House of Cards...


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