When your instructor finally turns on the cool-down music

By Mirel Ketchiff
Updated: August 29, 2016

When you finally hit that fitness milestone

Like you take full minutes off your running PR or add several pounds to your usual weight-training sets

When you walk past a runner out on a super-hot or cold day...and you finished your run hours ago

Poor guy.

When you grab a wet wipe from your gym's dispenser and realize they've been freshly restocked

So fresh, so clean.

When your favorite cardio machine is free

In front of the TV and the fan.

When you run into your friend in a class

A friendly face can instantly turn dread to excitement.

When you get to wear new workout gear to the gym for the first time

There has to be scientific proof that fresh shoes just make you work out harder.

When the unmistakeable cool-down song comes on your instructor's sound system


When someone else's personal trainer compliments your workout

I mean I'm basically a fitness model.

When the instructor tells people to keep an eye on your form

Haters to the left.

When you get an email telling you about a huge sale on workout clothes

Sorry, everything has to stop so you can get to the mall and/or the Adidas website.

When you hit the gym again after a few days off

My legs are fresh AF. (But my bangs are sticking to my forehead. This and 25 More Thoughts Every Woman with Bangs Has While at the Gym.)

When you step into a shower after an insanely sweaty workout

I'm never getting out.

When the gym shower is stocked with luxe products

Is that Davines shampoo I see?

When you take that first bite after a workout that's left you ravenous

Doesn't matter if it's a slice of pizza, a salad, or a protein shake-it tastes incredible. (P.S. You can make that post-workout high last longer with these tips.)

When the gym is totally empty on a day you're scheduled to do embarrassing moves

Bridges and fire hydrants, we're looking at you

When your favorite TV show is already playing on the big screen

So you don't have to withstand the embarrassment of turning off the news so you can catch Botched.

When you find the perfect Spotify playlist

You are in the zone. (Download: The Intense Workout Playlist That Will Power Your Weight Lifting Sessions.)

When you kill a brand-new workout class

Get itttt


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