This is the point in Bob Harper's 5-month Bikini Body Countdown where you may be seeing your results slow down, but it's also the point that separates the girls from the women. Use Harper's strategies--proven on The Biggest Loser--to refresh your mindset and find renewed motivation.

Bob Harper's Fitness Tip to Stay Motivated #1: Trust the Process

"Your body has changed from exercising and eating well, so you know the program works," says Harper. "Don't start questioning it or give up because you've stopped seeing noticeable progress. If you're doing everything right, your body just has to go through an adjustment period."

Bob Harper's Fitness Tip to Stay Motivated #2: Try Not to Obsess

"Don't focus on the 10, 20, or 50 pounds you're still hoping to lose," says Harper. "That's too daunting. Take it day by day with small goals. When you get up, think, 'Okay, I have to do my cardio workout and I'm going to make smart choices at lunch.' Check your healthy habits on your to-do list."

Bob Harper's Fitness Tip to Stay Motivated #3: Let Your Body Rest

"You've been pushing yourself for a couple of months now. If you're feeling worn out, take a day off, then return to your routine the next day," suggests Harper. "The workouts are designed to break down your muscles so they get stronger, but they won't if you don't give them time to recover."

Bob Harper's Fitness Tip to Stay Motivated #4: Don't Get Comfortable

If you keep doing a particular workout that you love-maybe 45 minutes on the elliptical-stop! "Instead, slash the time in half and jack up the intensity," says Harper. "Your muscles will think, 'What the heck is going on?' and that's exactly what will get you over the hump."

Bob Harper's Fitness Tip to Stay Motivated #5: Keep Reading SHAPE!

"Every month it's filled with ways to change up your workout and stay inspired. Use them!" says Harper. "I also recommend taking group fitness classes, where you're surrounded by likeminded people who enjoy working out. They're fantastic motivation."

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