"I'm not going to do anything that makes my body hurt."

By Renee Cherry

If you're one of Emily Skye's 2.1 million Instagram followers, you know she loves a good lifting session and has been strength training during her pregnancy. (BTW, Skye has a message for anyone who thinks they know what's best for *her* pregnancy.) Now, Skye elaborates on her workout routine, including her forgiving philosophy, in an interview with our sister magazine, Fit Pregnancy and Baby.

"My doctor said I could exercise as usual, but I was training like an athlete before, and that felt uncomfortable once I was pregnant," she says. "You've got to trust your body. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it. I spent my entire first trimester lying on the couch, watching TV, and I ended up losing around 11 pounds of muscle. So much hard work, gone! But it's okay. I'm not going to do anything that makes my body hurt." (Related: 7 Prenatal Pilates Exercises)

"When I go to the gym now, I do the exercises that feel comfortable for me: deadlifts, squats, kettlebell swings," she says. "Nothing intense, and I use very light weights, with higher reps and more rest in between. And if there are days when I don't exercise, I know it's not the end of the world."

Now that's solid advice anyone can get behind-pregnant or not.

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