Exercise after eating too much might be the last thing on your mind—but it can help both body and mind feel better. Really!

By By Jennipher Walters and Lauren Mazzo
April 04, 2019
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Overdo it in the food department? It happens to the best of us (and hey, eating more can sometimes even be the secret to weighing less). While that so-full-I'm-going-to-pop feeling is no fun, there are better ways to combat it than plopping down on the couch or taking a nap (seriously, bear with us!). Exercise after eating too much can actually help with digestion, get your circulation pumping, and give you a little bit of energy-so, you know, you can feel more like yourself. (BTW, here's what nutrition pros suggest doing when you eat too much.)

Ready to move? Here, what experts suggest doing post-overindulgence.

Do Some Yoga

If you're in a food coma, an intense workout might be too aggressive. But yoga can get your insides moving and your body back to normal in just 15 minutes. According to yoga instructor Tamal Dodge, there are two easy yoga poses you can do to help with digestion and increase your energy levels (of course, these 8 yoga poses that help with digestion work, too). First? Easy Pose or Sukasana. Start seated with legs crossed. "Place your hand on the knees and draw in the stomach and lift the chest, rolling the shoulders back and down close the eyes for one to two minutes," Dodge says.

The second exercise after eating too much? Anuloma Viloma alternate nasal breathing. Start seated in Sukasana then place left hand on left knee, and take right hand and open right palm. With right palm open, pull down right index and middle finger. Take right thumb and close right nostril, taking a big inhale through left open nostril. At top of inhale, close left nostril with ring and pinky finger so that both nostrils are shut. Pause briefly, then move right thumb off right nostril and exhale out of right nostril. Keep right nostril open and inhale through right nostril. At top of inhale, close right nostril with thumb and pause. Exhale out of left nostril and inhale through left nostril. Then close it and exhale out of right. "Keep going like this, inhaling and exhaling out of each nostril for one minute. Repeat two to three times," he says.

Go for a Walk

One easy way to get your dinner digesting better is to do some easy low-impact cardio post-binge. Whether it's a quick jaunt around the block or a longer one, a walk is good exercise after eating too much, says Ariane Hundt, a New York City-based trainer and founder of the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp. Even more: Research showed that walking with hand and ankle weights comparable to slow running. And mixing short, fast walks with longer, more leisurely ones was an effective way to lose belly fat. (Related: 7 Reasons You're Not Losing Belly Fat)

Work Your Core

After eating too much, it's natural to want to target your core. It's also a good area to focus on. After all, core strength is critical to pretty much every activity you do. But crunches or planks aren't your only options. Only have 10 minutes? Try this 10-minute cardio-core workout or try these-the only two core exercises you really need.

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