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Fit Moms Share Tips On How to Stay Active with Kids All Summer Long



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Since most outdoor summer activities double as a solid workout, there's no need to spend all your warm-weather days at the gym. We asked some of the most adventurous moms we know how they stay active as a family in this off-the-clock season. (Related: The Playground Boot-Camp Workout That'll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again)

Train Together


Future long distance training partner.

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“I’m an ultramarathoner, and each summer we organize a Kids’ Trail Running Club with all their school friends. We meet weekly and start by walking with short run intervals, with the goal of running a 5K at the end of the season. It’s a great confidence booster for the kids and a blissful way for me to do my recovery runs.”

—Ash Walsh, @ashruns100s

Go Into the Woods

“Each summer we do a very active camping trip. We go hiking and kayaking, and the kids climb trees. We have rock-throwing contests to see who can make the biggest splash or hit a certain tree. Half the fun is exploring: I wear a step counter, and I walk at least twice as far when camping.” (Related: Fit Moms Share the Relatable and Realistic Ways They Make Time for Workouts)

—Sarah Murdock, @northcountrylittles

Play In the Park


#26 weeks pregnant stroller band workout!! - My workouts have been a little sporadic the last couple of weeks. We haven't had a consistent routine for a couple of weeks and everyday has been completely different The boys are troopers! - My workouts have been "sneaky"! I keep my bands in my backpack and I randomly break them out throughout the day. We were on a sunset walk and I thought why not turn this into a resistance workout. MOM LIFE you guys!! Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches and squeeze things in where ever possible!! - I sometimes get stuck thinking--- ugh I don't have a solid time chunk today to get a FULL workout in. Then I make excuses and it's hard to commit. You gotta change that mindset! Especially if you're a busy parent. Get efficient! Integrate quick workouts into your day! - 3-5 rounds 10x squat to lat raise 10x stroller squat 30x in and outs 15x bicep curls 20x lateral band walk 20x walking lunges Get my bands on Amazon! My stroller is a JEEP terrain stroller from @deltachildren. I freakin love it and how smooth it is. It's a single stroller, Tucker just likes to hop on a squish Tate - #fitmomsofig#strollerworkout#pregnantworkout#womenshealth#healthypregnancy#secondtrimester#resistancebands#babyfitgym#fitgirlvideos#getoutsidexjeep

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“I push the kids in their stroller while Rollerblading around the park, then I shoot hoops with my 3-year-old. At the playground, I’ll do squats while pushing them on the swings or do tuck-ups as I hang with them on the monkey bars. A lot of times, they want to join in!” (Try this creative pilates stroller workout for multitasking moms.)

—Kristy Ardo, @baby_fitgym

Storm the Beach

“We don’t sit still when we hit the beach. We boogie board, play tag, and play soccer. I also love to practice yoga out there— it’s more challenging because of the instability of the sand—and I have the kids come up with partner poses. I get extra work holding the pose, and the boys have fun climbing up.” (Related: These Beach Yoga Photos from Instagram Will Have You Feeling Incredibly Zen)

—Josephine Jacob, @yoga_mami

Row, Row, Row


Paddle sessions with the babe.

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“As soon as my daughter could sit up, we got her a life jacket and started bringing her to the local lakes to paddle, boat, kayak, and even stand-up paddleboard. She sits on my board, and I encourage her to name wildlife that we pass as we paddle.”

—Sara Ozim, @theoutdoormom

Go for a Family Hike

"My son is about to turn five and we've been hiking together since he was just a few weeks old when I would nurse him and change his diapers on the trails. When hiking with a baby or toddler, invest in a good carrier that really fits your body. With older kids, look for family-friendly trails with waterfalls or small creaks that will keep things exciting and fun for your little one."

—Shanti Hodges, @hikeitbaby

Explore Waterfalls

"Our favorite activity here on Maui is hiking to waterfalls. It keeps all six of us entertained and excited: I love the hiking and being out in nature; the younger kids enjoy exploring and looking for lizards and bugs, and the older kids are thrilled by the excitement of jumping from the top of the falls. Down below, we all love swimming together as a family.”

—Beth Cagnoni, @bethcagnoni

Start a Family Practice 

"With four babies at home, I started practicing during nap time in lieu of the yoga studio. As my boys grew, they started joining me. To make it more special for them, I grab some towels (their mats) and create a story out of our yoga practice. "Reach up in mountain pose and try to grab some stars; bend down to forward fold because an eagle is swooping down!" The story becomes an adventure and playtime while they stretch their bodies, giggle, and get special time with mommy."

—Katie Perry, @ktbabieyogini

Scale Some Cliffs

"Rock climbing allowed me to get outside and get involved with a new hobby without feeling the inevitable mom guilt from leaving my kids behind; it's a great family sport. (My 5-year old daughter climbed before she could walk!) Climbing teaches your kids amazing life lessons like how to problem solve, trust yourself, and face your fears—all while having fun in the outdoors!

—Amanda Edmonds, @adventuringwithkids

Make Gardening Fun 


I weeded and he bit every pepper and tomato he could always offering me seconds of course. His mouth full of dirt and tomato juice dripping from his chin. Oh how it unnerves the perfectionist in me, but oh how it fills me to see him loving this small plot of dirt as much as I do even if it is in very different ways. I hope he always knows where his food comes from and the love and labor it takes for it to be on our plates each day. I have always qualified success as Emerson stated: " What is success? To laugh often; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you lived. This is to have succeeded." When I put it all in that perspective, our garden though bitten through is a success for our family this year. Yes. Yes it is.

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"Gardening is such a healthy and adventurous way to spend time together outside while teaching my son new things. I've always loved spending morning and evenings in my garden and being connected to my food in this way; now to see how much he enjoys doing it with me makes it even more magical. He loves planting the seeds and making a game out of weeding or collecting bugs and other creatures. And of course, cutting open your fresh fruits and veggies and eating them together is something everyone can enjoy together!" (Related: How to Still Eat Like a Grown-Up When You Have a Picky Kid to Feed)

—Megan Gilger, @freshexchange

Get One With Nature 

"Living in an urban environment like New York, one of my favorite things is to go to the local park to explore trails, pathways, and meadows. To make it extra special and encourage my kids to look up, down, and all around them, I designed a scavenger hunt where they can collect objects from nature—it also teaches a good lesson in litter clean-up!" 

—Amanda Kingloff of, @amandakingloff

When you’ve got kids, the juggle is real—but we’ve got your workout covered with the fresh tips and fitspo you need to reduce stress and feel your best.


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