Chessie King learned that when it comes to health and fitness, sustainable changes are best.

British fitness influencer Chessie King is known for her realistic views on health, fitness, and body positivity. What does that mean exactly? Well, you're never going to see her recommend doing a detox or completely cutting out a particular type of food from your diet to lose weight-because who has time for that?! (This healthy eating pro has more to say on the old-school diet fads that need to go away.) While Chessie's 200K+ Instagram followers know and love her for her ability to talk candidly about how to love your body and work toward a goal at the same time, one of her recent posts showed that King has traveled a long road to get where she is now. (FYI, here's the truth about detox teas.)

"Three different bikinis, three different weights, three different states of mind," Chessie captioned a photo collage that shows her at three different weights. "I've been through so much with my body. I've now found such a happy and caring friendship with it. I don't force myself to do ANYTHING, I have just learned exactly what works for me," she continued.

For Chessie, the key to becoming comfortable and confident in her skin was to get as much information as possible about wellness. (Read: not dieting.) "The difference in getting to where I am now is experience and educating myself," she tells Shape exclusively. "I love learning about my body and the muscles I'm using when I work out. I also love knowing what food does to me."

More than anything, she says she uses her own journey as an opportunity to encourage others not to go to extremes to look a certain way or hit a specific number on the scale. "Stop doing these two-week[s of] no carbs, stop doing these three-day 'detoxes'... Start learning what your body needs," she wrote in the Instagram caption. "Try different ways of training, moving, and eating."

In fact, King is a subscriber to the idea that any fitness or diet changes you make should be for life. In another recent post, she explained the drawbacks of the ever-popular fitness transformation and "bikini body" phenomenon. "Yes, 'eight week transformations' are amazing to get you going and if you're learning from them, AMAZING. But if you just stop there after the eight weeks, your body isn't going to stay like that forever and you may have changed your body, but not your mindset," she said in her caption. (Related: This Fitness Blogger Is Making an Important Point About How We Measure Weight Loss Success)

We've got to say, she has a point. Feeling comfortable with your body is important, but being healthy for the long haul? That definitely takes precedence.