20 Excuses to Skip the Gym That You've Definitely Used Before

Getting yourself out of a workout session is an art.

No one comes up with creative excuses like someone who's trying to get out of going to the gym. Whether you're trying to convince your workout buddy or yourself that it just can't happen tonight, you'll likely end up resorting to convoluted reasoning or outright lies. For whatever reason, blaming an imaginary pet is easier than just admitting that you just don't want to go.

There's a "fitness cliff" that happens mid-February when most people tend to drop off of their lofty goals and resolutions. So excuses to avoid the gym are arguably at an all-time high RN. We've heard (and given) every reason in the book, so we compiled some of the funniest ones for your entertainment. Read our list below, and you might end up reconsidering that monthly membership-or adding some new white lies to your arsenal.

1. It's so nice out.

And spending time outside comes with health benefits so…

2. Not sure where my lock is.

It's their fault for not having built-in locks.

3. The gym doesn't spark joy.

The Life Changing Magic of Skipping the Gym


4. I have to take my dog to the vet.

How did you not know that I own a Maltese, Barb?

5. It's too early.

~Beauty sleep~

6. I might run into someone from high school.

If I wanted to see these people, I'd sign up for a reunion.


7. I'm so sore from yoga last week.

Should've used blocks.

8. The gym isn't really my scene.

I gave it a chance, I really did.

9. I need to let go of what no longer serves me.

Such as burpees.


10. I need to save my last clean pair of leggings for tomorrow.


11. It's Friday.


12. It's Monday.

I have the rest of the week to work out.


13. I already got my money's worth this month.

Especially in comparison to the price of boutique classes these days.

14. The Bachelor is on tonight.

It's the final rose, no less.

15. Everyone's going to be hogging the weights.

I'll be there all night.


16. I better do my taxes.

April 15 is swiftly approaching!

17. I could get rhabdo.

I better not work out more than twice a week. You know, just to be extra safe.

18. Self-care.

Bath bomb, candles, or both?


19. I really should clean my room.

I'm on this new organization kick.

20. I forgot shoes.

*sweeps sneakers out of sight*

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