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Hacks to Make Your Home Healthier, According to Moms

Pad Strategically

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“I keep a superthick exercise mat in the middle of the living room. It doubles as a play mat for my 1-year-old and an ongoing reminder to do a floor workout: plank, bridge, hollow hold, single-leg squats, and push-ups. I also have an exercise ball—it was once a daily baby-bouncing device—that doubles as a tool for stretching and some quick exercises.”

Lauren Williams, trainer and founder of Chisel Club online workouts (and the face of our 30-Day Abs Challenge)

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Lay Out Good-for-You Bites

pistachios in a bowl

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“I like having nuts out in bowls—sometimes I’ll even spice or season them. They’re a crunchy, flavorful swap for chips, plus they have fiber, plant-based protein, and heart-healthy fats. A serving of pistachios is about 40 nuts, which is a substantial snack.” (Here are the top 10 healthiest nuts and seeds to stash in your kitchen.)

Maya Feller, R.D., founder of Maya Feller Nutrition in New York City and mother of two

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Put a Band by Your Remote

dumbbells and resistance band for exercise living room

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“I keep a resistance band near the TV, and if I watch for a half hour, I’ll go through a bunch of moves nonstop so it’s a real workout—biceps curls, squats.”

Alison Sweeney, actor, exec producer of Chronicle Mysteries, and mother of two

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Rock Some Sock Feet

woman wearing socks to do exercises at home

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“I always have socks on when I’m home, so anytime I’m in the kitchen cooking or in the living room, I can do gliding moves like mountain climbers, speed skaters, and curtsy lunges on our hardwood floors. I include my kids whenever they want to move with me—and they do 80 percent of the time.” (You can basically do this whole at-home slider workout with socks on your feet.. and hands.)

Bianca Buresh, founder of Body by Buresh online routines and coach for digital home gym Tonal

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Scatter Free Weights

dumbbells in the living room

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“Keep dumbbells in multiple places in your house to fit in basic exercises: Choose one functional movement per day, like alternating lunges with overhead presses, and every time you have five minutes to yourself, do three sets of 12 to 15 reps of that exercise.” (Try any of these dumbell moves from Lacey Stone.)

Taylor Walker, trainer and health coach in the San Francisco Bay area

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