Utilize drop sets to stay in a high-intensity zone while strength training.
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How can I make sure I'm getting the most benefits out of my HIIT training and working at the proper intensity when the prescription is "as many reps as possible"? -@kris_kris714, via Instagram

First, kudos to you for taking ownership to make your results happen. Gold star, girl! The tricky thing is that everything from what you eat to your mental stress can affect your physical energy, and that will dictate what your "possible" is in the weight room. (Related: This Workout Combines HIIT and Strength Training, So You Won't Have to Choose)

A great way to work through this energy flux is to use a drop-set system. This means you start with challenging weights that you feel you can complete the reps with while having another set of slightly lighter weights on standby. If you hit that point at which you can't finish a set, you simply complete the remaining reps with the lighter set of weights. That way, no matter what the numbers on the dumbbells say, you're challenging your muscle to the max and hitting that bull's-eye high-intensity zone for results. (Related: How to Use Drop Sets to Upgrade Your Strength Training Program)

The key is really just listening to your body talk-that muscle-burning fatigue will tell you that you're pushing to your limit during a particular workout session.

Here are a few AMRAP workouts because practice makes perfect: