How to Maintain Healthy Habits On the Weekend without Sacrificing Your Social Life

Jen Widertstrom explains why it's all about prepping yourself to make mindful choices.

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Consulting Shape Fitness Director Jen Widerstrom is your get-fit motivator, a fitness pro, a life coach, and the author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type.

How do you navigate weekends, with all the social eating and unstructured time?

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Log a power five! Take just five quiet minutes on Saturday morning to mentally preview your weekend-the timing of your schedule, meals out, miscellaneous obligations-then slot in some conscious decision-making. Check out the menu before you go to a restaurant, so you can make mindful choices. If you'll be out and about for a while, throw a snack in your purse to tide you over till your next meal. (

As for getting your sweat on, I recommend signing up for a class in advance, as you would book any other must-do appointment. The dentist? Your nails? Put your workout in the same category. And although it sounds silly, I always spend one day of my weekend in workout gear. That way, I can jump into action if the opportunity arises to go on a hike or hit a class with a fellow "swole" sister.

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