Star trainer Jen Widerstrom shares tips on pushing past that motivation slump

By By Jen Widerstrom

We've all been there: One minute you're working toward your goals with momentum, and the next you're buried in frustration. During those hard times, feeling overwhelmed is totally normal, but don't waver. Quitting is the quick road to a destination that you never want to reach. Addressing a motivation slump is simpler than you may think.

A tool I use daily is tuning in to my inner compass, and it will work for you too: Before making choices (big and small), play out the storyline in your head. Each decision will add up to you staying invested in your goal. (Related: Why Some People Are More Motivated Than Others-and How to Increase Your Exercise Drive.)

Imagine it's a Monday, and you're thinking of skipping the gym. Now consider whether you can live with the consequences. For me, missing a Monday always trips me up mentally, causing me to begin my week down on myself. But making my workout means I'm going to start my week in a solid place-and feel as if I can take on anything. (Here's how I talk myself through a tough workout once I'm there.)

Picture your own positive scenario. Tell yourself that all you need to do is walk through that first doorway, whether it's a figurative one (beginning a more positive thought process) or actually walking through the gym's door. Then start slow. You know you'll do better than you imagined-you always do! (Read more: 7 Tricks to Push Yourself When You're Exercising Alone)

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