Some simple tips to up your indoor cycling game

By By Jaclyn Emerick
April 05, 2017

As a former indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel Sports, I was often asked if riding faster or with more resistance is better. Really, you need both to get lean and firm (and you should also incorporate this trick). I know it sounds easier said than done, but I have some tips to help you get there.

First, Nail Your Form

Look between the handlebars so your neck is in a neutral position. Drop your shoulders, lift your chest, soften your elbows toward your sides, and roll any creases out of your wrists. Engage your abs to lift your torso and power your stroke (and don't forget to breathe properly). Point your knees ahead; drop your heels. When seated, pull your butt to the back of the saddle to activate more muscles. When riding out of the saddle with your hands on the end of the handlebars, your hips should be over the seat.

Climb Better

When riding with heavy resistance, push flat feet forward and then down, "scraping" them along the floor; then pull knees back and then up toward the handlebars. This divides the work between the front and back of your legs. Keep it smooth. If your stroke gets choppy, move a little faster or dial down the resistance (but not too much; adding resistance is one of the ways to build a better butt in spin class).

Sprint Smarter

To pick up speed, stay centered on or over the saddle, and squeeze your abs to eliminate most of any bounce (a killer playlist also helps if you're spinning outside of class). If you exceed 105 rpm, add resistance.