Google Goals wants to help you train for that half marathon—or just make it to the gym every morning

By Macaela Mackenzie
Updated: April 20, 2016

Raise your hand if your GCal looks more like an advanced tetris game than a schedule. That's what we thought-welcome to the club.

Between workouts, meetings, weekend hobbies, happy hours, and networking events, those little colored blocks of time pile up fast, making the act of finding time in your schedule to pencil in training runs for your half marathon time-consuming itself. (Find out How to Fit In Every Workout (And Still Have a Life!)). But luckily for the overbooked among us, Google launched a new feature last week that will change the way we make room in our schedules for our fitness goals.

Google Calendar's new Goals feature not only helps you track your goals-like committing to yoga every day or training for your next race-it actually helps you find pockets of time in your schedule so you can stick to them. Genius.

Here's how it works: First, set your goal. It can be super general like "work out more," or more specific and customized like "do hot yoga for four hours each week." Then Google will prompt you with a few simple questions about how often you want to move toward your goal, how long each session should be, and what time of day you'd prefer (because let's be real, hot yoga during your lunch break isn't exactly feasible).

And then the magic happens. Based on your responses, Goals will scan your schedule and pencil in sessions for you. If you have to schedule a conflict before your scheduled Monday a.m. gym session-like a legit morning meeting or you just want to defer a bit so you can sleep in-Goals will automatically reschedule your sweat sesh. (Is It Better to Sleep In or Work Out?)

In other words, meet your new personal workout assistant. What will Google come up with next?!


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