How to tell if you're dehydrated, and why drinking water before, after, and during your workout is *so* important

By Kylie Gilbert

"Drink more water" is thrown around as a solution for everything. While it sounds like an annoyingly simple solution, it really is crucial, especially if working out is a regular part of your daily routine. Water regulates your body temp, transports nutrients, and gives you the energy you need while you're sweating it out. (Of course, staying hydrated, and determining just how much water you need, is even more important during a hot workout class like Bikram yoga.)

What's more, dehydration can decrease your muscle strength and aerobic ability, so hydrating before, during, and after a workout is crucial if you want to hit your fitness goals A few quick signs you may be dehydrated during a workout? Feeling extra-fatigued earlier on than you typically would, cramping up mid-workout, and a higher-than-normal heart rate.

Some other sneaky signs of dehydration (besides the classic color of your pee test) include feeling super hungry (when your body needs water, it doesn't care where it comes from!) and stinky breath. Yep, one of the first things to get cut when you're dehydrated is your saliva production, which can mean more stinky bacteria in your mouth. (This genius trick using your hand can also help you instantly determine if you're dehydrated.)

Bored with plain water? Add cut-up fruit for a flavor boost (these infused water recipes will majorly upgrade your H20), try a hydration drink, or eat foods with high water content like cucumber and watermelon. (Here, 10 Healthy, Insanely Hydrating Cucumber Recipes.)

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