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Is Sitting for Too Long Actually Deflating Your Butt?


Unless you work in an office all day and have subjectively ignored all news related to how bad sitting is for your health, you probably know that sitting isn't so good for you. It's even been dubbed the new smoking, as it can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even early death. It seems like every day a new piece of research pops up warning of the dangers of a desk job and the health risks of sitting on your derrière. Ugh.

While serious health concerns like high blood pressure, weight gain, and even depression are totally valid, some headlines might be going a little too far, say the experts. Like the aptly titled "office ass," which describes the risk of getting a flat booty from sitting all day. In a new report, the New York Post claims your desk job is pretty much negating all the squats you've been (literally) busting your butt doing, and says all that sitting can be blamed for a case of pancake butt.

However, according to Niket Sonpal, M.D., assistant clinical professor at Tuoro College of Medicine in New York, that's not exactly how it works. "The idea that sitting on your butt actually causes your glute muscles to break down is a little hard to swallow," says Sonpal. "Muscles are a little more complicated than that," and it's not quite as cause and effect as a headline makes it seem. While there is definitely truth to the idea that the sedentary desk life can cause you to lose muscle tone, as long as you're keeping up with your gym routine outside of the office, you're not going to stop building muscle in your butt—or anywhere else for that matter.

"Can being on your tush all day lead to health problems? Yes. But does it mean that you're going to lose out on your workout gains? Not in that way," assures Sonpal.

If you're worried about your booty progress, make sure you've added plenty of butt-lifting moves into your fitness routine. Need more inspiration? Try this back and butt workout to look hotter than ever from behind, and these yoga poses that will rival any squat session.


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