Here's What Most People Get Wrong About Biceps Curls, According to Kim K's Trainer

Melissa Alcantara is teaching her followers how to do biceps curls with proper form so they can avoid injury.

The humble biceps curl is probably one of the simplest lifts you can do in the gym. It's also one of the best moves for building a strong upper body, and it might just help you get one step closer to nailing the pull-up of your dreams. (

But while biceps curls might seem incredibly basic, Kim Kardashian's trainer, Melissa Alcantara, is here to tell you that most people just can't seem to get this move right. (

Here's What Most People Get Wrong About Biceps Curls, According to Kim K's Trainer

"This is a super-simple move that I see so many people murder," she recently shared in an Instagram video. (Check out Alcantara's take on reverse dieting.)

To ensure you're actually packing on muscle in all the right places, Alcantara walked her followers through a tutorial on how to do biceps curls using a barbell for optimal results and, most importantly, to avoid injury.

"First thing, you want your shoulders back and your chest up," she says in the video. "You aren't swinging the bar back and forth. You're stiff. You want your wrists straight. So not bent out or curled. That's going to give you the most pump in your biceps."

On having the best stance, she says: "You want to be sitting into your hips, knees slightly bent."

Finally, she emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your fingers. "Your pinky and ring finger should be pushing into the bar. You want to feel the bar in your entire hand. You want to focus and you want to move nice and slow." (Need more tips on how to master this simple move? Here's how to perform the perfect biceps curl, according to Jen Widerstrom.)

If you find that you're currently ignoring one (or all) of these details while doing biceps curls, Alcantara says it might be best to scale back on the weight. "If you have to put down that 50 and grab that 20, then that's what you gotta do," she says.

Once you've mastered the basic biceps curl, turn things up a notch and challenge yourself with our super sweaty 30-day arm challenge. We promise it won't disappoint.

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