This Power Circuit By Hannah Davis Is Low-Impact, But It'll Still Make You Sweat

The best part? No jumping involved.



Plyometrics-aka jumping exercises-are a great way to work up a sweat and challenge your body. But these explosive movements aren't for everyone, and they don't have to be part of your daily workout routine. So if you're looking for ways to work on your power sans movements like jumping and burpees, personal trainer Hannah Davis, C.S.C.S., has the perfect alternative for you.

In a recent Instagram video, the owner of Body By Hannah Studio shared a five-move, low-impact circuit that promises to train your fast-twitch muscle fibers just like any other plyometric workout. (Try this dumbbell HIIT workout by Hannah Davis that will burn out your arms and abs.)

Follow Davis's lead the next time you're in the mood to work up a full-body sweat. Perform each exercise in the order shown (on for 45 seconds and off for 45 seconds), with your goal being: "100% effort EVERY SINGLE WORKING SECOND," writes Davis. Complete three rounds for optimized results.

Kettlebell Swings

This simple, yet powerful movement is the sneakiest total-body strength and cardio exercise. Simply grab a kettlebell with both hands and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Inhale and hike the kettlebell back and up between your legs. With your heels planted firmly to the ground, power through your hips, exhale, and quickly swing the kettlebell forward up to eye level. Drive the kettlebell down and up underneath you, and repeat.

Battle rope Waves

While it might seem intimidating at first, using battle ropes is among the best metabolism-revving strength moves. To start, stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward and knees slightly bent. Grip the ropes with palms facing the floor and move both arms at the same time up, then down, using your full range of motion. Go as slow or as fast as you can while maintaining a steady pace. (

Wall Ball

If you're looking to bypass burpees and mountain climbers, this move is the perfect replacement. Start by facing a wall and holding a medicine ball at your chest. Pull your shoulders back and keep your chest high. Drop to a full squat, going as low as possible while keeping the medicine ball at your chest. Then, drive through your heels and stand up explosively, throwing the ball up into the wall as you stand. Catch the ball on the rebound, squat again, and repeat. (

Fake Jump Squats

Don't be fooled by the name. This dynamic movement still works the entire body, but the added bonus is that it doesn't put undue pressure on your knees. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Drop down to a low squat, and stand up explosively on your tip toes while lifting both arms up above you. Go back down to a squat and repeat. (Try these 3 substitutes for burpees.)

Power Pass

Grab your medicine ball again and stand about 2 feet away from a wall. With your knees slightly bent, extend your arms and throw the ball against the wall and then catch it. Repeat this action as fast as you can to really feel the burn. Your upper body will thank you for it.

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