No gym membership? No problem!

By Faith Brar

Sticking to a solid workout routine can be a struggle for anyone. But for new moms, finding the time to exercise can feel near impossible. That's why we're super impressed with the training facility social media influencer and mom-of-two Charity LeBlanc built inside her home. Can you say commitment?

The setup involves a ceiling beam where she can hang nunchucks, rings, and all sorts of other contraptions.

She also created ledges that can be used for grip training-and miraculously, it all seems to blend perfectly into the rest of the family living space.

The backyard and garage have been put to good use as well.

It's no surprise that LeBlanc's extremely athletic posts have made her an Instagram sensation. But her workouts, which often involve her kids, mean much more to her than that.

"My son is learning to trust me, and my daughter is developing great motor skills and muscle control for her age," LeBlanc told Buzzfeed in an interview. "They're learning how to be strong and healthy while having fun. I get to work on myself, stay fit, and play with my kids all at the same time!"

Gym shym.

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