Unsafe, annoying, and straight-up ridiculous behaviors NYC trainers have witnessed in their classes—plus, the lamest excuses they've heard for not working out

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: September 21, 2016

Quick, think of your biggest gym pet peeve. It's probably not too hard: There's the treadmill hog, oblivious of everyone else patiently waiting for their turn. Or how about the social media addict completely blocking your path to the free weights in their quest to take the perfect selfie? And don't even get us started on the frustrating challenges of a crowded gym at the start of a new year! The list goes on and on, but truly no one is better equipped to answer this question than the personal trainers who witness this maddening behavior day in and day out at the gym and in their group classes.

We polled experts from some of our favorite workout studios in NYC-including Brooklyn BodyBurn instructor Tracy Carlinsky, Barry's Bootcamp trainer Rebecca Kennedy, Y7 Studio co-founder Sarah Levey, and Fhitting Room instructor Amanda Butler-to find out the most eyeroll-inducing behaviors they've witnessed in their classes. (Want more? Here, 50 of the hottest female trainers share their gym pet peeves!)

To make sure we don't fall into the annoying client category, we took our research one step further and found out the lamest excuses they've been given for missing a workout. Hint: Don't even try pulling the hangover card-they have no sympathy! (Find out What to Eat, Drink, and Do to Cure a Hangover.) Oh, and don't worry-it goes both ways. Check out the The Craziest Things Fitness Instructors Have Said to people in their classes.

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