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Watch the USA Gymnastics Team Kill It In This Under Armour Campaign

Courtesy of Under Armour

What makes a true athlete? It's not necessarily medals or world records or even the bright lights of the Olympics—rather it's the journey to get there. It's the round-the-clock dedication to training and nighttime workouts while the competition sleeps. It's those smaller moments of strength, those that you don't usually get to witness, that Under Armour is highlighting with the brand's second installment of the Rule Yourself campaign featuring the USA Women's Gymnastics team. Under the tagline "It's what you do in the dark that puts you in the light," the campaign honors the commitment to the 24/7 grind that each athlete pushes through in order to succeed when their moment in the spotlight comes. (Here are the Olympic hopefuls you need to start following on Instagram.)

The video, which will give any girl who's ever loved gymnastics full-body chills, gives an inside look at the grueling training these ladies put into prep for the upcoming Olympics in Rio. You watch in amazement as they stretch, tumble, walk on their hands, climb ropes using only their upper body (seriously, you need to see it). But you'll also see them getting manis with their teammates and doing each other's hair, reminding us they are a band of tight-knit young women as well as world-class athletes. (Let's clear up some facts about the Zika virus before the Olympics.)

While watching them go beast-mode in the gym, you realize it isn't the glittery Team USA jacket that makes them such incredible gymnasts, but the culmination of all the little moments of strength, perseverance, grit, pain, beauty, and success. And those moments are something everyone can tap into, even if you have zero plans to ever do a back handspring much less walk into an Olympic arena, it inspires you to step up your own game. If these young women can flip around on a 4-inch wide beam (and potentially fall, then get right back on), you can certainly squat a little deeper or run a little farther, right?

So here's to every girl who skips happy hour to hit the gym, who runs in the rain, or who gets up before the birds in the morning. Whether it's in hopes of reaching the spotlight someday or just reaching a new personal record, you all have a little inner athlete inside of you.


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