From fitness personalities and CrossFit athletes to doctors and dietitians, these women know a thing or two about extending the life of that post-workout high.

By Marietta Alessi
June 18, 2019
Shutterstock/Jacob Lund

Few things are as satisfying as finishing a workout—it’s a feeling we all know and relish. But what we do in those precious post-sweat minutes runs the gamut. We asked both wellness experts and everyday exercisers to tell us how they capitalize on that blissful window of time.

“I eat! As I towel off, I’m looking forward to having a protein-filled snack—think yogurt or eggs—or a full meal right after training.”—Alex Silver-Fagan, creator of the Flow Into Strong method and a Shape Brain Trust member

“I do the same quick ritual I tell all my clients to do: I thank my body. Then I show my body gratitude by foam rolling and using my Theragun on tight spots.”—Kira Stokes, trainer and founder of the Stoked Method

“I kiss my shoulder. In the past, my mind would spin once I completed a workout: Did I burn enough calories? Did I push hard enough? But now I live by the idea that any movement is better than no movement. So I give my shoulder a kiss as a reminder that I did good.”—Bethany C. Meyers, body-neutral advocate and founder of the Be.come Project

“I drink six or eight ounces of kefir after I work out. It helps with hydration and contains protein and probiotics.”—Nicolette Pace, R.D.N., dietitian and founder of NutriSource

“After a run on the mountain trails, my dogs and I shake off the red dust and drink from the ice-cold streams.”—India Baird, founder of nonprofit Brave, which empowers girls in Africa and beyond

“I often lie down on my back, close my eyes, and check my pulse after a workout. Sensing my heart rate come down is a great way to feel relaxed and accomplished.”—Shilpi Agarwal, M.D., a family medicine physician

“I hop in the shower and rinse the edges of my hair. When I get out I use dry shampoo—Drybar is my fave—in the roots. I add a little oil to the ends to moisturize, then blow-dry the roots. It looks as if I got a salon blowout, but in reality I just burned 600 calories and didn’t even wash it.”—Katie Dunlop, trainer and creator of Love Sweat Fitness

“I kick my shoes off to cool down.”—Maggie Rath Shemenski, adaptive CrossFit Athlete

“After an intense workout, when I know my body is going to be sore, I like to take a nice, hot 20-minute bath using eucalyptus salts.”—Alessa Quizon, professional surfer

“I always carry a cleanser in my bag, and as soon as I finish working out, I wash my face to avoid breakouts. Then I use PCA Skin A&C Synergy Serum, followed by La Mer Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream. I finish by putting on some PCA Skin SPF 45 sunscreen.”—Sona Gasparian, founder of Pérsona Cosmetics

“I do a short, meditative stretch to let my mind and body slow down for a bit before I hop back into the world. I find that post-workout is one of the best times to access your subconscious mind. While I stretch, I remind myself that everything in life is going to be OK and I’ll be able to navigate whatever comes my way that day.”—Jacquelyn Umof, yoga instructor and creator of Get Stretchy


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