7 Pro Adventurers Share Why You Should Leave the Gym and Head Outside

If you have yet to try skateboarding, fly-fishing, or free diving, let these women convince you.

Photo: CANARYLUC/Shutterstock.

Trying a new outdoor activity will invigorate your body and mind. From pavement to peaks, surf to turf, these fresh-air lovers will entice you to take your adventure outdoors. (Not convinced? Read: How to Scare Yourself Into Being Stronger and Healthier.)

"If you haven't gone skateboarding, all you really need is a smooth sidewalk to start on. Just keep your knees slightly bent and weight centered, and don't be afraid. Scrapes and bruises show your progress!" (BTW, you'll see skateboarding and four other new sports in the 2020 Olympics.)

Lizzie Armanto, professional skateboarder

"You can grab a rod and go fly-fishing, but invest in a guide for your first experience. Guides can teach you a lot-the techniques are not like conventional fishing. Then you can head out to different places and rivers on your own, even around the world."

Maddie Brenneman, fly-fishing guide in Colorado

"Why be intimidated to venture into the woods? Hiking with friends is a great way to switch up your routine. I use the website AllTrails to do research before I visit a new place." (Before you hit the trails, read up on these essential survival skills.)

Faith E. Briggs, member of Black Roses NYC run club

"At home in Hawaii, spring marks the start of more free diving as the winter swells subside. Find a way to interact with the water, whether that's free diving, scuba diving, or snorkeling at the surface. With the right wet suit, even cold waters can be comfortable, and they're home to some of the most diverse marine life."

Chelsea Yamase, writer, traveler, and Keen ambassador

"When ski season is over, surfing is my favorite outdoor activity for my mind, body, and soul. It's best to go out there with zero pressure and no agenda other than enjoying yourself and also the world around you."

Lexi dePont, professional big-mountain skier and Eddie Bauer athlete

"I'm headed to South America, Utah, and Yosemite this season to go climbing, but you can find accessible climbs in many local parks. All it requires is a pair of climbing shoes, chalk, a crash pad (to fall on), and a psyched partner to enjoy it with."

Sasha Digiulian, professional rock climber and Red Bull athlete (who just made history by conquering this insane climb)

"Every day I do one activity that gets me outdoors, whether it's skiing, fly-fishing, hiking, surfing, mountain biking, or horseback riding. Whatever terrain you've got near you, there's always a great way to challenge yourself."

Tatum Monod, professional skier and The North Face athlete

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