For one, the front desk wonders what's up when you don't show.

There's a breed of gym goer who goes so often they might as well stop paying rent on their apartment. Rain or shine, they will show up for their planned workout session. (These excuses to skip the gym won't pass their lips.) Social life be damned, it's leg day.

If you feel like that could be you but aren't positive, there are several telltale signs that you've reached gym rat status. You've probably tried to find a place to hide shampoo in the locker room, and you've definitely memorized which treadmill has optimal Bravo viewing. In case you're still unclear, here are six more signs that you live at the gym. (Related: How Much Exercise You Need Totally Depends on Your Goals)

1. You feel an attachment to a particular elliptical.

You may or may not have named it Phyllis.

2. You can recite the Wi-Fi password by heart.

It's 8527t54.



3. When people leave mats out, you take it personally.

There's a little thing called gym etiquette.

4. You know personal details about other regulars.

You genuinely care about Karen, her cats, and her experience with the keto diet.



5. You'd NEVER skip wiping down equipment.

…which is kind of inconvenient because there's always a wipe shortage.

6. You keep tabs on all the broken machines.

You know exactly when to expect a mechanic.