Syncing your calendar with your favorite fitness tracking app makes it even easier to stay on top of that New Year's resolution or race training plan.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: August 01, 2017

If you're a Google Calendar user, you probably already know that you can add the goals you want to achieve directly into your calendar, which is a pretty handy feature if you've got something big you want to accomplish on your radar. For those who aren't familiar, the feature automatically schedules time in your calendar for whatever goal you've got going on, making it harder to forget that you're supposed to do it.

Today, the company announced that they're making this idea even better-just in time for those working on health and fitness New Year's resolutions. Since Google recently learned that 40 percent of people are setting goals related to fitness with this feature, the update makes a lot of sense. Now, you'll be able to connect the goals you set to Google Fit or Apple Health, meaning that all your info from those apps will be transferred into your calendar and synced with your goals.

For example, if you want to work out right after work at 6 PM five days a week, but you usually don't make it to the gym until 7 PM, your calendar will learn that and move your workout to that time in the future. So smart! (BTW, not every goal needs to be totally within reach. Here's how setting a big lofty goal can actually work in your favor.)

Also, once you've reached your goal via your tracking app of choice, your calendar will now automatically mark it as done. Then, you can keep your overall progress towards your goal all in one handy place automatically, rather than having to compile all the information yourself and mark your goal as complete every time you work on it. While technology can sometimes distract us from our health and fitness goals, this feature is a prime example of how it can help make staying on top of your fitness routine significantly easier. Looking for more guidance on how to stick to your New Year's resolution? Check out our ultimate guide to conquering any and every goal.


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