Always wondered what to do with that flimsy ladder on the floor? Here you go.

By Faith Brar

The best workouts don't just push your body out of its comfort zone-they challenge your brain, too. Nothing does that better than agility training. These high-intensity workouts incorporate learning, focus, balance, and coordination that do wonders to keep your mind sharp. (Related: The Amazing Ways Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power)

Trainer Massy Arias is the queen of all things agility. (It's one of the many reasons she's an epic source of life and workout motivation.) If you follow her on Instagram, you know that most of her workouts are way too intimidating for the average person. However, she recently shared a speed ladder workout that is totally doable. Fair warning, though: It might make your brain hurt just watching. Not only does she show off some fancy footwork and plyometric moves while moving through the ladder, but she also finishes some rounds with a box jump, a jump over the box, and extra squat jumps. (Ouch.)

When it comes to fast-paced workouts like this one, you have to keep your mind one step ahead to position your body appropriately. "The speed ladder is all about practice and getting that brain to remember those patterns," Arias explained in her caption with the video. "Start slow and as you get better, go for speed." (Related: Massy Arias Explains the #1 Thing People Get Wrong When Setting Fitness Goals)

Believe it or not, research shows that neuromuscular training like this can actually help you in other aspects of life as well-whether that's thinking better on your feet or catching your phone before it hits the ground. In a study from the Air Force Research Laboratory, military personnel who did agility training for six weeks improved their memories and ability to concentrate. (You can score similar benefits from these agility cone drills that'll skyrocket your speed and calorie burn.)

So if you're looking to take a break from your regular running routine, improve your footwork, or supplement your current cardio lineup, take a cue from Arias and sprinkle in these agility drills wherever you can. At the very least, they're bound to spice things up in the gym-and make you feel like a serious athlete.

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