4 Stair-Climber Exercises from Cassey Ho That Will Sculpt Your Lower Body

The Blogilates creator shares the toning moves that will set your glutes on fire.

Photo: Instagram / @blogilates.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with the stair-climber. You'll find one in almost every gym, and it's super easy to use. (One redundant step after the other, am I right?) But those stairs to nowhere can do much more than just elevate your heart rate. The "cardio" machine can do wonders for strengthening your lower body-when you use the proper form, of course. (Here are five reasons the stair-climber is actually worth your time.)

Cassey Ho, the fitness diva behind Blogilates, does just that and has curated a simple four-move workout that's perfect for sculpting your booty. "Never thought I'd say this but I love the Stairmaster," she wrote alongside a video of herself performing the moves on Instagram. "Try these 4 new moves next time you're avoiding it at the gym. Do 1 min [of] each kind and keep rotating! I do this for about 30 min then I hit the weights after!"

Here's how to break down her workout:

Stepping Arabesque

Set your stair-climber to a level 4 or 5. As you take a step up with one leg, hinge a bit at the waist and kick the other leg behind you and slightly externally rotated. Repeat the same movement with the other leg to complete one rep. Continue for 1 minute.

Side-Step Leg Lift

Keep your stair-climber on a level 4 or 5. Turn to the side and cross one foot over the other to begin side-stepping up the stairs. After each side step, lift your leg directly out to the side. Make sure your foot is flexed. Bring your leg back down and repeat for 1 minute before turning around and switching sides.


Bump up the level to 10 or 15. Take the steps two at a time for a quicker and steeper climb for 1 minute for a steady burn. Hold on to the railings if you need support and try not to arch your back as you step up.


Set the stair-climber to a level 7 or 10. Turn to the side and simply cross one foot in front of the other so that you're climbing the stairs sideways. Continue for 1 minute before starting the moves all over again.

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