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Stick to Your Workout Routine: Top Tips from Real Women

Be Consistent

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For me it's consistency. If I skip a day, it's too easy to skip another day. I must be consistent and work out every day of the week, and then I just stay busy on the weekends. —Lori O'Leary

Use Your Imagination

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I envision myself in a sexy bathing suit. —Althea McGuire

Feel as Great as You Look

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I'm motivated by the fact that I'm taking care of myself. Every workout, every run is a little gift to myself. I like feeling strong and confident. I love that I've inspired my friends to adopt more healthy habits. But more than anything else, it helps me be more comfortable in my own skin—and that is priceless. —Cathy Tran

Ask a Toddler Their Opinion

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I'll have a new huge motivator after I have my baby in 7 weeks. Yesterday my 4-year-old asked me why my butt was so big and how long it would take to get it smaller. He also added that he hoped it wouldn't take too long. That’s definitely motivation right there. Who knew I could be scarring my kids for life with the size of my butt! —Dana Watts Diehlman

Envision Your Success

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Vision boards on the wall in front of my treadmill help me get through cardio. —Mindi Friedland

Consider Exercise an Escape

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I am a mom of three boys under the age of 6, so my workouts not only help me stay fit, but also allow me the time for "me" so I can continue to be a great mom! —Robina Abramson

Exercise in the Morning

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I try to [work out] first thing in the morning. That way I don't have too much time to think about NOT doing it! –Shary Taylor

Train for an Event

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Knowing that I have an event that I'm training to complete. –Angela Wilson

Get Your Money's Worth

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Knowing that you are paying for a club membership. —Cheryl Hyatt Sacchetti

Just Get Started

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Telling myself to just do 10 minutes on the treadmill, and then I usually work out for 40 minutes. –Michelle LeFavor

Train Like a Celebrity

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"I pretend I have a huge movie role or photo shoot." –Erica Barthelmy

Make His Jaw Drop

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The look I expect to see on my boyfriends face when he gets back from Afghanistan! I am hoping for a little jaw drop. —Nicole Ricci

Have a Sense of Humor

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I grab the jelly rolls around my belly button and make it talk to me in a Sesame Street monster voice: "I will get much bigger if you don't fight me today!" –Tasha Shives

Exercise to Music

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An upbeat playlist of my favorite songs. –Genelle Jones


Look 10 Years Younger

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Surprising folks when I tell them I'm 47 and have three kids—well, adult children—who are 25, 23, 20. —Evelyn Wise

Get Inspired by Celebrities

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I think about someone that I admire and want to look like. Jillian Michaels or Jen Garner usually work! –Sherice Potter

Remember Where You Started

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I remember how much weight I have lost and how I don't want to go back to where I started. –Brooke 'Voigt' Deegan


Look Great for Your Wedding

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My wedding in January! It's enough motivation for me. –Ildiko Timea Hartyanyi

Find a Workout that You Like

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For the most part I do Zumba, and it is so fun that I'm never "not in the mood" to do it! –Betsie Missler

Schedule Time for Daily Exercise

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Not making [exercise] a choice, but a part of my day, like brushing my teeth. –Candace Steinline

Get to Work on Time

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Not feeling fit enough to run for the bus. –Stephen John Macdonald


Look Hot in Your Bikini

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The thoughts of an impromptu beach vacation ... and a bikini. –Teresa Packer

Eliminate Stress

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STRESS –Cara Shearouse

Stress is just a part of life. You can't avoid it. But you can reduce it with simple but highly effective techniques. 

Learn to Love Your Workout

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Doing a workout I love. Zumba and bellydancing are my favorites.


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