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These Motivational Trainer Mantras Will Inspire You to Be Your Personal Best


Heidi Kristoffer

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"Whether you tell yourself you can, or you tell yourself you cannot, you are correct. Tell yourself you can, and you will!"

Heidi Kristoffer, yogi and founder of CrossFlowX (Check out her amazing yoga skills in this flow that preps your body for your New Year's fitness routine.)

Jeanette Jenkins

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"You can find an excuse, or you can find a way."

Jeanette Jenkins, celeb trainer and creator of the 30-Day Butt Challenge

Rebecca Kennedy

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"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

Rebecca Kennedy, Nike master trainer, Barry's Bootcamp instructor, and founder of A.C.C.E.S.S. (She also stars in our Workout Wednesday video series, which will kick your butt every single week.)

Mike Donavanik

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"Go forth, do good. No matter what sh*t might be happening in life, one thing I can control is the energy I put out into the world. Even if it's crumbling around you—just do good."

Mike Donavanik, certified strength and conditioning specialist and celebrity trainer (He's the creator of this killer 10-minute boot-camp workout.)

Kaisa Keranen

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"Just move. It reminds me that life is a process and to keep moving through it physically, mentally, and emotionally. It helps me to remember that the focus should always be on enjoying and being present for the journey rather than being fixated on the end result. Life is in the living and doing, not just the achieving.

It also helps remind me how lucky I am to have a body that is able to take me through this life. A body that if I love, respect, and take care of will pretty much allow me to do anything my heart desires."

Kaisa Keranen, Seattle-based trainer and Tabata queen who created the 30-Day Tabata Challenge

Adam Rosante

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"Start every day by thinking of your WHY, then get on with the WHATS. Your 'why' is your reason for wanting to achieve your goals. It ignites your passion and fire. The 'whats' are the small actions that need to be taken each day in order to achieve those goals. Because motivation and inspiration without action is a recipe for lost dreams."

Adam Rosante, trainer and author of Super Smoothie Revolution

Alex Silver-Fagan

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"You are stronger than you think. Many times we're discouraged or afraid to try something because we underestimate our own strength or think that we aren't as strong as others around us. This is simply our mind holding us back, not our strength.

Rather than clouding your perspective with negative thoughts, just shift your mindset. You'll only get as far as your thoughts allow, so you might as well be positive, be confident, get out there and crush it."

Alex Silver-Fagan, Nike trainer and certified yoga instructor (She's the mastermind behind the 30-Day Squat Challenge.)

Courtney Paul

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"When one door closes...BREAK WINDOWS! Navigate through your journey of success knowing you will walk through sunshine and also have to weather the storms. Keep the positive mindset to never give up."

Courtney Paul, founder of the CPXperience and trainer at Ripped Fit (He's also the star of our hilarious-yet-educational Trainer Talk video series.)

Anna Victoria

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"Don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone else's Chapter 20. This quote has helped me through my journey from the beginning up to this day. We are all in different stages of our journey and it's hard to realize that when we see pictures or videos of others at a more advanced point. We don't see all the hard work they put in that led up to that moment and we simply take it for face value and wonder why we haven't gotten there yet.

It's so important to keep in mind that we are all at different stages and we even have different goals. A successful fitness journey isn't one size fits all."

Anna Victoria, creator of the Fit Body Guides and this fat-burning workout to help you crush all your goals

Kenny Santucci

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"I learned in my life that if you don't take the bull by the horns every day and go after the sh*t you want and the things you want to accomplish, then you will have nothing! That's your fault. You must find a way or make a way. There are those who watch it happen and there are those who make it happen. Make sh*t happen!"

Kenny Santucci, NYC trainer and CrossFit coach (Get his tips on how to use a plyo box to amp up your workout like crazy.)

Holly Rilinger

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"Trade your comfort in for change."

Holly Rilinger, Nike master trainer and creator of LIFTED (It's an amazing mash-up workout that combines HIIT with meditation.)

Chase Weber

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"I believe I achieved mental toughness through life experiences. Every day I get up, I think about how a lot of people live with regrets, saying they wish they could do this or would've done that. So I wake up as if there is no tomorrow. A motto I live by 'Time is the most precious thing out there, It's the one thing you can never buy or ever buy back.' Make the most of it!"

Chase Weber, celebrity trainer (You need to try one of his exclusive 3-3-3 workouts.)

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