The fitstagramer is showing off her inspiring skills and her never-give-up attitude.

By Renee Cherry
Photo: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

No matter how tired you feel right now, Massy Arias' latest Instagram video is guaranteed to motivate you. The fitfluencer posted a video of herself successfully jumping onto a 45-inch stack of stacked plyo boxes. The wall of cushioned boxes reaches nearly as high as her chest, but after several valiant attempts, she's able to stick the landing. (ICYMI, this video of a 4-year-old doing box jumps is going viral.)

We're glad to see that Arias didn't just post a clip of herself nailing the jump, though. Showing what it took to get to that point highlights the motivation to not back down from challenges. As you watch Arias make some near-misses and failed attempts, you can better appreciate her dedication to the goal despite setbacks. In the beginning, she barely makes it past the lowest box, but by the end, she makes the whole thing look almost easy.

"Don't let challenges scare you, instead, let them fuel you and excite you," she captioned the video. "Nothing is ever perfect; progress is perfection." The fit mom even gave nod to her next obstacle, writing "52" here we come." (Don't miss Arias' number-one thing people get wrong when setting fitness goals.)

She also mentioned in her caption that this box jump challenge was not unlike the challenge she faced after giving birth to daughter Indi. "After becoming pregnant and giving birth to Indi, I've had to work really hard to get to the point I was before having her," she writes. "I continue working on my craft and learning from the best. It all starts in the mind, and mine is way ahead of my body." (Read about how she dealt with postpartum depression and anxiety.)

So the next time you think a goal is completely out of reach, whether that's maxing out your deadlift or finally nailing crow pose, remember how Arias and how it pays to never give up.

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