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20 Weird Things That Make You Feel Strong

We know you work hard to get your workouts in, but the gym isn't the only place to feel strong AF. There are so many opportunities to see and feel those gains—whether they're from endless hours of running, sun-salutations, or beating the crap out of a punching bag. We asked our Instagram followers, "What makes you feel strong?" and then bugged our staffers to answer the same Q. It turns out, there are tons of little ways to admire all your hard work, inside the gym and out. Read on to see some of our faves.

1. "Dancing in the mirror and watching the muscles in my legs." - @misspositivethinking1


2. "When I make it to my 5th floor walk-up with groceries in hand and feel like I want to keep going!" - @betgeorge

3. "I feel strong when I carry all the groceries into the house because I refuse to make more than one trip. #SomeoneGetTheDoor!" - @megschaefer


4. "I feel strong when I've completed my workout even when I want to quit !!!" - @zoegirl741

5. "When I can give my 6'2" husband a piggy back ride (cause I'm 5'2"...)" - @ejlauerman


6. "I feel strong when I can put in a 12 hour work day...and still be motivated to hit the gym!" - @amritag7

7. "When I put lotion on my arms and can feel the muscles popping out!!" - @wendy_is_an_island_girl


8. "When I'm able to do cartwheels and handstands alongside my kiddos!" - @katelynns_16

9. "I feel strong when I accomplish things I thought I couldn't, in and outside of the gym!"- @alyssa63kg

10. "When I can run up the "L" stairs and not feel like I'm about to die." - @purposeandprogress


11. "When I don't have to tell my son "no" to places that aren't wheelchair friendly because I can pick him up, chair and all, and carry him up some steps to make the world more accessible to him...forget strong, I feel badass!" - @secondchancerunner

12. "I feel strong when I blow dry my hair cause I can see my biceps" - @spearl617


13. "I feel strong when I deadlift both of my kids, at the same time. I have a one and a two-year-old that are both 30 pounds and love their mama holding them." - @erinraemac

14. "When others ask me for help as I carry something heavy" - @flowwithdelight


15. "I feel strong when I realize I can easily do what I seriously struggled doing just months ago" - @christinjoyarm

16. "I feel strong when walking my two 60 lb dogs! They weigh more than me combined, and they sure give me an arm workout. Some people say I look bad ass walking them down the street" - @fit_mollz

17. "I don't feel up my legs on the regular, but when my foot is flexed to shave, I always feel like, oh heyyy muscles!" - @amandawolfe


18. "When I go through 7 pairs of [insert boot emoji here] trying to find ones that will fit my calves." - @mariettaalessi

19. "When I choose to walk up the steep never-ending escalator in the morning instead of riding it up slowly. 'There is no elevator (or escalator) to success, you have to take the stairs!'" — @alyssarae87

20. "When my pants feel tighter, because that means I built some new muscle." - @lauren_mazzo



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