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What Happened When Super Fit Trainer Kaisa Keranen Tried a Dance Cardio Class


When it comes to working out, it's easy to assume trainer Kaisa Keranen (a.k.a. @kaisafit) can do it all. Her Instagram feed is a mind-blowing testament to her balance skills, strength, and agility. (Which is why she made our list of legit, certified trainers you should follow on Instagram.)


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But everyone has a workout kryptonite—and Keranen's was dance. She may be a successful trainer (and #FitGoals), but Keranen says dance doesn't come easily to her at all. Sure, she could hide out in the weight room forever—but where's the challenge in that? So instead of steering clear of eight counts and shimmies for the rest of her life, Keranen stepped out of her comfort zone. Read about her experience and get inspired to try something you've been avoiding. (Related: Why Jen Widerstrom Thinks You Should Say Yes to Something You'd Never Do)



"Recently I decided to try a dance class, which is not a big deal to most. But ask me to do something like dance? In front of people? I can lift heavy and run a million sprints, but dance is so far out of my realm. Still, I'd secretly wanted to just let go and face my fear head-on.

"The class was a mix of ballet and hip-hop, and I found myself stumbling around—dance cues are just so different from what I'm used to as a trainer and an athlete. I never did find my dance groove, but it felt amazing to confront this absolute phobia of mine. The real high is that I did it—and I'm still doing it. When it comes to movement, I'm used to being the coach. Dancing is not something that feels natural to me. But that doesn't stop me from showing up to a class!"

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