You know you've always wondered


Chances are, your gym has a lot of equipment that you don't know what to do with-werid weight machines, newfangled cardio equipment, and random bits and pieces of fitness gear floating around the free weight section or aerobics room. (P.S. You should stay away from these five.) Enter, our new WTF? Workout Equipment series, where we answer the question: what do you do with that thing?

First up: the balance board. We tapped Equinox trainer Rachel Mariotti for some moves that actually work. The main appeal of this workout tool: it will make basic moves more difficult without adding any weight resistance, and help you improve your balance and stability.

Getting tired of boring planks, push-ups, and squats? Swap these into your routine to mix it up and keep challenging your muscles.


A. Start in high plank position, with feet wider than hip-width, shoulders stacked over wrists, and hands gripping the sides of the balance board.

B. Slowly lower down chest down to board, while keeping hips lifted and core tight. Be careful not to pinch fingers between the board and the floor.

Do 3 sets of 8 reps.

Elbow Plank

A. Start in low plank position with shoulders stacked over elbows and forearms resting on the balance board.

B. Try tilting side to side, forward and back to engage and challenge the abs and obliques.

Do 3 sets of 30-second holds.

Standing Balance

A. Start standing on top of the balance board with feet hip-width apart.

B. Keeping knees bent, chest up, and core tight, try to balance on the center of the board.

Do 3 sets of 30-second holds.