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The Top 20 Blogs for Sports Nuts

Best Sports Blogger: Amanda of A Fat Girl and a Fat Horse

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Amanda of A Fat Girl and a Fat Horse doesn't see being plus-sized as something that should get in the way of her love of horseback riding.

Best Sports Blogger: Lynn of Bike Diva

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The Bike Diva owns three different bikes and is a cycling fiend! If you're a cycling fanatic, you'll love Bike Diva!

Best Sports Blogger: Arleigh of Bike Shop Girl

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Bike Shop Girl, otherwise known as Arleigh, compares cycling to a form of romance and says that it is like a "early fresh brewed cup of coffee, the fog over mountains, or a deep kiss before a long departure." If you're as passionate about cycling as Arleigh is, you'll love her blog.

Best Sports Blogger: Chelsea of Cosmos and Cleats

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It turns out female sports blogs written by women for women aren't as common as you'd think! That's why we love Cosmos and Cleats, which is written by Chelsea and aims to "break down sports for the girls who don't follow them." Any questions you'd ever want about sports, she's answered!

Best Sports Blogger: Christie of Passed by a Chick

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There's no doubt about it; Passed by a Chick is cool! Run by Christie, a 30something who woke up one day and decided she wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle, this blog features all her adventures in motorcycle-riding and races.

Best Sports Blogger: Shannon of Badass Fitness

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Shannon of Badass Fitness is a certified spinning instructor who believes that everyone has a little badass inside!

Best Sports Blogger: Ali on the Run

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Ali on the Run chronicles Ali's journey as a former dancer and marathon runner. Her blog includes lots of videos and updates on the races she runs.

Best Sports Blogger: Katie and Megan of Double Coverage Sisters

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These two sisters grew up in a football-watching house and live firmly by the rule that "Sunday is for church and football only." Double Coverage Sisters features everything you need to know about football, even if you're a football newbie.

Best Sports Blogger: Christine of Boston Red Thoughts

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Christine is a redheaded Boston Red Sox fan living in Yankeeland. How does she cope? By writing a blog about it, of course! That's where Boston Red Thoughts comes in.

Best Sports Blogger: Nola Chick aka Shaneika of Chicks in the Huddle

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If you've ever seen a slightly drunk chick at a football game yelling her lungs out, it was probably one of these girls (their words, not mine)! Shaneika and the rest of the editorial team at Chicks in the Huddle are here to bring you everything you need to know about professional football, from the good to the bad to the ugly, because as they say, there's more to football than "tight ends."

Best Sports Blogger: Sarah of Draft Day Suit

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Sarah and co. used to blog about parenting before they decided that they needed another outlet through which they could talk about their favorite sports teams. Hence, Draft Day Suit. Even if you're not a sports fan, you can't help but laugh at the witty commentaries.

Best Sports Blogger: Tracy of Hit by a Pitch

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A Chicago native now living in Denver, Tracy's blog Hit by a Pitch focused exclusively on sports and fantasy sports teams until she had a baby, and now she intersperses her musings on sports with her thoughts on life, stories about her son and anything otherwise quirky and interesting.

Best Sports Blogger: Staff at Kickette

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Because we know that sometimes it's more about the players than the game (or is that just us?) Kelly and the team at Kickette just had to make the list. If you're more interested in David Beckham's body than David Beckham's career, this is the site for you!

Best Sports Blogger: Bernadette of Lady At the Bat

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Any Yankees fans out there? We found the blog for you! Bernadette, who writes Lady at the Bat, breaks down everything you need to know about this New York team.

Best Sports Blogger: Christie of Lake Placid Skater

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This blog is for the fans who are dedicated to figure skating. Christie, of Lake Placid Skater is a figure skater and writer living in Lake Placid, N.Y. Her blog keeps up with all of the latest news and trends in the figure-skating world, domestically and internationally.

Best Sports Blogger: Adena of Adena Andrews

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Adena's tagline says, "I make amazing happen." Adena at Adena is one of only four black female sports columnists in the United States. Suffice it to say, she's got her finger on the pulse of everything sports-related.

Best Sports Blogger: Kate of Lady Loves Pinstripes

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Kate Conroy's blog, Lady Loves Pinstripes focuses primarily on baseball, so if you're looking for a change from the male-dominated world of sports blogs, check her out! Written by a woman, for women, she definitely lends a unique perspective to the current baseballs news.

Best Sports Blogger: Melissa of The Football Girl

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Melissa and the rest of the editorial team at The Football Girl started the blog with two concepts in mind: First, that (surprise, surprise!) there are women who actually enjoy football! The second was that a football blog for women doesn't have to exclude men. The result? Whether you're into the technical aspects of football or you're just really excited about Tom Brady's new haircut, you'll find it on The Football Girl.

Best Sports Blogger: Caryn of Mets Grrl

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Caryn of Mets Grrl doesn't just run one blog about baseball, she runs three! Although Caryn doesn't think of herself as an expert, we definitely think she provides a much-needed female perspective to the male-dominated world of baseball.

Sports Girl Kat

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From the time she was a little girl, Kat of Sports Girl Kat has lived and breathed sports. When she's not working full-time managing communications for a university, you can find her tweeting about or writing about sports as much as possible.


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