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Total-Body Cardio Blast


Created by: Jeanine Detz, SHAPE Fitness Director

Level: Advanced

Works: Total Body







Equipment: Jump Rope; Kettlebell; Medicine Ball; Mat

Torch 200 calories in less than 20 minutes with this fat-burning, muscle sculpting plan. This program challenges your body with several fat-burning exercises, such as Jumping Rope, the Squat Thrust, the Kettlebell Swing and several other moves that burn major calories in a short period of time. Along with burning fat fast, these exercises challenge several major muscle groups, including the legs, chest, arms and abs. The variety of moves within this program will ramp up your metabolism and maximize your results. 

Perform each move for one minute without resting in-between. Repeat once or twice.

This workout features the following exercises:

1.) Jump Rope

2.) Squat Thrust

3.) Mountain Climber

4.) Kettlebell Swing

5.) Tire Run

6.) Small Sprints

7.) Burpee Spike

8.) Shadow Boxing

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