I've been sort of a running maniac lately, but also super busy going to lectures (more on that later), meetings, class, and all the other things that make the day fly by with out a moment to breathe.

Well here are the runs that are taking up all my time:

7 miles easy about twice a week, 5 miles once at tempo, a long easy run (today I think it's going to be 9.5) and elliptical and yoga in between.

Do you ever wonder if you can put your workouts on your résumé? Things like that, boyfriends and other social engagements tend to take so much time! I mean, a 9-mile run is about an hour and a half, right? So you get out of class and run. Then another half-hour to clean up, get cute and non-smelly again. Then it's your friend's birthday and you offered to bake the cake. Then you get ready and show up at dinner, and there's a lecture you really wanted to hear after that, and by the time you start your homework it's 9:30 p.m. but your boyfriend hasn't seen you for 48 hours and really wants to hang out…. sound familiar? That brings me to a question that I'll discuss more in the next post: how are we supposed to do it all?

Your Frazzled Friend,

Dorm Blogger

P.S. I love reading the new SHAPE blog, Running With It so my workout's not the thing that gets cut on a hectic day!



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