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10 Strange but Effective Tips for a Better Marathon

Who Needs Bathroom Breaks?

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"I have been known to show up to the start line of marathons with my toddler's diaper in my shorts just in case of emergencies. Those port-a-potty lines are long!" - Kristin Stehly of Stuftmama

Sports Bro

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"I'm a man and I wear a sports bra. But only on long runs (over 10 miles)! It keeps my shirt from chafing my nipples and it doesn't rip out my chest hair like Band-Aids. It's nothing fancy (I like the cheap really stretchy ones) but I will admit to having several different colors!" - Anonymous

DIY Arm Warmers

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"I take old socks, like tube socks, and cut the feet out of them to wear as cheap arm warmers at the beginning of a race. You can also just cut off the end of the toe and a little hole in the heel to make arm/hand warmers with thumb hooks. Then when you heat up, you toss them." - Amanda Loudin of Miss Zippy

Oh, Honey!

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"I run with honey instead of expensive and less natural gels, etc. It works great and the small honey bear fits perfectly in my fuel belt!" - Colleen Fit Bee of The Fit Bee

Another sweet option: "I save up the honey packets from restaurants to use as energy gels on long runs." - Jen Embry of Three Little Embrys

Stride in Silence

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"I wear hot pink ear plugs! It seems to get a lot of looks and comments like, 'Aren't you too young for that?' But it really helps my focus!" - Monica Nelson of Monica Nelson Fitness

Sweet Solution

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"I eat regular jelly beans instead of expensive energy gels to get an energy boost. They work just as well and you have way more flavor options!" - Meghan McCann

Go Ahead, Stuff Your Bra

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"I've kept packages of gummies and other long-run essentials in my sports bra because it was easy access and less likely to move around in such a tight space. You can't feel it at all and it makes for a nifty pocket." - Lynda Lurei of Hit the Road Jane

On-the-Go Chafing Solutions

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"During long runs, I sometimes experience chaffing on my rear. To help prevent this, I keep a glob of petroleum jelly in a piece of Kleenex so I can do one reapplication during my run. The Kleenex is for storage, but it is a great way to stay sanitary (no need to use fingers) during application." - Amanda Rosenburg-Giovanis of Happy Mother Runner

Potty Training

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"I have stress-induced incontinence and I wear a diva cup (a silicone menstrual cup) when I run to prevent me from peeing my pants. I'm not sure why it works, but it does." - Janice Luke Smith of Fitness Cheerleader

Better than Band-Aids

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Another solution to the nipple-chafing problem for dudes: "I use electrical tape over the nipples for runs over 6 miles. It comes right off after the run." - Andre Farnell of Better Body Expert


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