10-Week Training Plan for Your First Half-Marathon

Conquer your first (or second) half-marathon in just 10 weeks with this expert-approved training plan

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If you've mastered a 10K and typically run about 15 miles per week, this half-marathon training plan will take you right to the finish line of 13.1.

Each day, run the prescribed distance at the designated pace. For "conversation pace" you should run at a stride that you can handle having a conversation. This plan incorporates fartlek, hills, and tempo runs to increase your endurance, as well as strength training and cross-training to keep up your overall fitness. Stick to the plan and you'll gradually increase your mileage to help your first half feel like a breeze. Cross-train with an aerobic exercise besides running like cycling, swimming, eleptical, stair-climbing, or rowing.

Check out the calendar below for your complete training plan. (If you're printing the plan, be sure to use landscape layout for best resolution.)

Download your 10-week half-marathon training plan here

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