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5K Training Schedule: Do Your First – or Best – 5K Ever


It doesn't take a crazy amount of training time to get you happily across the finish line of a 5K—even if you've been seeing far more of your couch than your workout clothes in the past year.

We asked Jeff Galloway to create these 5K Training Schedules for Not only is he an Olympic runner who trained himself to run a 5K in 13:41. He's also coached hundreds of thousands of everyday runners and walkers to cross the finish line, without injury, through Galloway training programs, retreats, fitness schools and books. His methods allow average people to reduce stress, enjoy the training while receiving the satisfaction and achievement of crossing the finish line.

Here's what's even better: you only need to train 3 days a week, and walking is part of your "running" plan, even if you're an experienced runner. Walk breaks allow your body to recover, even as you're increasing your distance. If you walk often, you can erase training and race fatigue before it gets you down. Use these programs and top tips to get that finish line high for yourself:

woman-run-walkBeginner 5K Training Schedule: Go from Couch to Finish Line!
Perfect for you if you haven't been running much—or have never run at all.


woman-run-walk5K Training Schedule: Improve Your Time!

Perfect for you if you've been running 3 days a week for 3 months or more and your long run is 2 miles or more.


Get Jeff Galloway's Top 7 Tips for 5K Success

Essential strategies for getting to—and across—the finish line happy, accomplished, and free of aches and injuries.



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