Updated: April 23, 2014

Whether you're an experienced triathlon participant or just a beginner, these fitness tips will kickstart your triathlon training program.

  • Pick a date
    Just like having a deadline puts the pressure on you to complete a project, signing up for a race will keep you motivated to continue a triathlon training program even during cold weather. Make sure to give yourself at least three months of lead time in order to sufficiently train for the big day.
  • Get help
    Whether it's your first or tenth tri, a coach or club will help you design and stick with a program. Many triathletes train with friends in order to keep each other in check and on schedule. Find a support system at usatriathlon.org.
  • Take it all inside
    With shorter daylight hours and frigid weather, many are forced to move their triathlon training program from the track to the treadmill. Group cycling classes are great alternatives to outdoor cycling. To complete your routine, most athletes swim inside all year long, so find an indoor pool and you'll be set.
  • Prioritize
    On race day, most of your time will be spent during the cycling portion, so focus on your bike skills during training. But be consistent in rotating through all three activities, giving extra attention to whichever is your weakest sport.

Here are even more fitness tips for a beginner triathlon training routine!


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