Good for You, Good for the Environment

No question that biking is a great way to get low-impact cardio, but the benefits of biking to work (or anywhere else) add up to a whole lot more.

Check out everything you can accomplish during your daily commute.*

•Get in two 40- to 60-minute low-impact cardio sessions (depending on your speed)

•Burn approximately 400 calories each way. That's 18,000 extra calories a month

•Save about $88 a month in gas money

•Earn $20 a month for expenses like locks, tires, and tune-ups, thanks to the Bicycle Commuter Act. (Your employer needs to sign up to participate: Direct your head honchos to to get in on the savings)

•Reduce carbon emissions by about 384 pounds

•Zoom past cars as they sit in rush hour traffic

Do the math and see how biking to work stacks up for you. Check out REI's Bike Your Drive for specialized cycling classes, gear, safety tips, and more! What better motivation do you need than saving the earth, saving money and boosting your health?

*Based on a 10-mile commute