Race-training newbies rejoice: this easy-to-follow 5K training plan will get you to the finish line in 8 weeks flat.

By Melissa Ivy Katz
March 29, 2014

A 5K can intimidate new runners, but if you can easily and comfortably run a mile or up to 30 minutes, you can totally do it. And all it takes eight week and less an an hour a day.

Follow the plan below, substituting your one rest day as needed but maintaining the order of your workouts. (For example, if you choose to start training on Saturday, Friday should be your rest days.) Incorporate yoga, stretching, and other gentle exercises to your routine as desired.

Workout Instructions

Cross Train with an aerobic exercise other than running like cycling, swimming, elliptical, stair-climbing, or rowing to further improve your physical fitness.

Strength Train with body-toning exercises that work as many muscle groups as possible, with or without weights. Get started with the Ultimate Strength-Training Workout for Runners or by building your own workout with our brand-new Shape Studio, a directory with more than 1,500 exercises.

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