We caught up with your favorites to learn their go-to fitness and diet tips. (And no, it's not just drinking Flat Tummy Tea.)

By Samantha Lefave
Updated: July 31, 2017

While ABC and The Bachelor franchise-including its myriad of spin-offs-have dealt with their fair share of controversy and headlines, leaving viewers in suspense about what could happen next, there is one thing you can always count on when it comes to the contestants. Everyone is going to spend a lot of time in bikinis and swim shorts, and they're going to look pretty damn fit.

For the men, there's practically always one personal trainer (Shawn Booth) or Spartan (Kirk DeWindt) in the lineup. But it's rare that the ladies' fitness routines are highlighted, which TBH, is BS. Many of these women-who know full well that they're about to be traipsing around in a bikini or skimpy sportswear-naturally kick their fitness routines into high gear before heading off to the beach or the Bachelor mansion.

So what exactly do some of your favorite past and present female contestants do to get HDTV ready? We caught up with some of them to find out.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

You know her as a former Bachelorette.

A dancer her whole life, Kaitlyn is the first to admit that she's never been a big gym rat, though she has a soft spot for spinning. (Here's the number-one way to get more out of your spin class.) So much so, in fact, that she was in the midst of training to become an instructor in Vancouver when she was cast for The Bachelor. After learning she was going to be on the show, she started hitting her spin studio nearly every day and added in hiking a few times a week, too. "I also ate really clean; I had grilled chicken and vegetables for almost every meal," she says.

But it was a different story before her own season of The Bachelorette. It was the first time in the franchise's history that the men got to decide who they wanted to hand out roses that season-Kaitlyn or Britt Nilsson. That stress, coupled with the holidays, meant Kaitlyn was more relaxed about her diet. "I got in such a terrible routine of not working out and eating whatever I wanted," she says. "When I found out I could be The Bachelorette I was like, 'Oh, no.' I had like a week to shape up."

Now that the 31-year-old is engaged to Shawn Booth (remember that personal trainer we mentioned), Kaitlyn says she's stepped up her fitness game. "I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life," she says. And when the two aren't hosting their monthly CitySTRONG workouts across the country (alongside Erin Oprea, Carrie Underwood's personal trainer), she works out about four times a week, often using weighted sleds, battle ropes, rowers, and medicine balls. She's also recently fallen in love with boxing, so you can find her throwing a few punches, too.

Alexis Waters

You know her from Nick Viall's season.

Everyone fell in love with Alexis when she showed up at the Bachelor mansion in a shark costume (thinking it was a dolphin), but there's a lot of muscle hiding under those fins. After playing college volleyball, Alexis found her second home in the gym. "I always leave the gym in such a good mood," she says. "It helps me deal with any stress or anxiety I've got going on."

As soon as Alexis found out she was headed to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise, the 23-year-old says she hired a personal trainer. Her main focus? Booty. "My mom gave me a flat ass, so I squat like crazy and do the StairMaster for at least 20 minutes," she says. "I do a lot of lunges too, and I love kickboxing."

Olivia Caridi

You know her from Ben Higgins' season.

Before going on The Bachelor, the former news anchor says she started an intense diet and training program with a personal trainer, to firm up in front of the camera. "I was strength training and lifting heavy five days a week, along with 35 minutes of cardio each day," she says. "Plus, I was eating on a flexible diet; counting my macros on the MyFitnessPal app, so I was getting 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbs, and 20 percent fat each day." Looking back, "It was really intense, involved a lot of math and strict dieting and constantly checking MyFitnessPal, but it was the most incredible weight loss and toning I've ever [experienced]," she says. (Check out these free apps to help you lose weight.)

Now that she's based in New York City, the 25-year-old loves Barry's Bootcamp and doesn't shy away from a competitive indoor cycling class at Flywheel Sports. "[The leaderboard] inspires me to finish first and work hard until the end of the class, [without] any goofy dancing elements," she says.

Amanda Stanton

You know her from Ben Higgins' season and Bachelor in Paradise season 3.

As one of the few contestants with kids, Amanda says she keeps her workout routine pretty simple, often using the gym at her apartment complex so her daughters can get involved. "It's more like playtime for all versus an intense workout," she says.

TRX suspension straps are one of her favorite pieces of equipment. She uses them to do bodyweight squats, jump lunges, and inverted rows. (Try these seven TRX moves to erase every bulge.) She's also a fan of Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide workouts when she needs a quickie routine. But more than anything, Amanda says she focuses on clean eating. Açaí bowls, salmon, and fresh juices are always in rotation. And when a TV appearance is on the horizon, she cuts out alcohol (which saves calories, sure, but also her skin.)

Jennifer Saviano

You know her from Ben Higgins' season and Bachelor in Paradise season 3.

As a competitive tennis player for 15 years, staying fit and healthy has always been a top priority for Jennifer. "I'm all about balance, though, so I don't torture myself on a daily basis unless I have a date in particular that I'm working toward," she says. "I always stay within my healthy weight range and keep my body toned with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle."

The 27-year-old admits that when she found out she was going to be on Bachelor in Paradise, she temporarily gave up her favorite foods, like cheese and pizza, and stepped it up in the gym. "I literally dropped to the floor and started doing core work," she says of when she got the casting call. "The thought of being on national television in your bikini is quite daunting no matter what body type you have, and I wanted to make sure I looked and felt my absolute best."

That meant turning to her longtime personal trainer four times a week, getting in a lot of high-intensity interval training. (Get sweaty and try it yourself with this HIIT bodyweight workout.) "With only three or four weeks to prep, I was a lot more aggressive than usual...[and] my trainer is great about switching up exercises to keep my body guessing," she says. Her magic cardio machine weapon? The StairMaster. "Not only does it get my heart rate up quickly, it also really gets the glutes fired and toned-necessary for those Brazilian cut bikini bottoms!" (Here's how to turn your stairwell into a fat-burning machine.) Finally, Jennifer says she also cleaned up her diet and focused on mostly high-protein meals with veggies, while limiting starchy carbs, sugar, and alcohol.

Becca Tilley

You know her from Chris Soules' and Ben Higgins' seasons.

"I will be honest-I did not do a whole lot of working out before I was cast to be on The Bachelor," says Becca. "I started trying to work out more a few weeks before-knowing you're going to be on TV in front of millions really encouraged me to do a little more than I normally would."

The 28-year-old didn't hire any fitness or nutrition pros before filming, but that hasn't stopped her from experimenting now that she's no longer gracing your TV on Monday nights. She recently began working with a personal trainer and regularly turns to SoulCycle as a form of stress relief. "It is such a fun workout, it goes by quickly, and I leave feeling so refreshed from the inside out," she says. "There is something about doing a class that I really love. Everyone is in it together!" (PS: Did you know that you can add SoulCycle classes to your wedding registry?)

Lesley Murphy

You know her from Sean Lowe's season.

Maintaining a consistent workout schedule wasn't anything new for Lesley when she was cast for The Bachelor, so her regular rotation of running, spinning, barre, yoga, and hiking kept-and still keeps-her camera-ready year-round. That said, she admits she did start running more often once she found out she'd be competing for Sean Lowe's final rose, and "cut out most carbs, cooked egg whites, made a lot of salads, and ate as healthy as I could." (Speaking of diet, here's how one woman switched hers to help cope with anxiety.)

Now that she's constantly on the go as a travel blogger, you're more likely to find the 29-year-old sweating outside than in a hotel gym. "I tend to gravitate toward outdoorsy, adventuresome places that allow me to get out and explore the land," she says. "Getting a workout at the same time is an amazing bonus."

Danielle Lombard

You know her from Nick Viall's season.

While most contestants don't have a ton of time to prepare before heading off to film on The Bachelor, the majority admit to hitting the gym as soon as they get word they've been cast. That wasn't the case for Danielle. "I found out I was going to be on the show 20 days before it started filming, and had travel plans to go to Iceland for my sister's 30th birthday," she explains. "So, essentially, I ate everything in sight and drank a ton of beer!"

That vacation was more of an indulgence than daily routine, so she didn't feel guilty about really throwing caution to the wind. Back home, "I had a personal trainer several times a week, and I frequented Barry's Bootcamp, SoulCycle, and Bikram yoga classes," she says. "I have a competitive side, so when I'm running next to someone and they're going faster, I step it up!" And in terms of diet, she says when she generally tries to avoid grain-based carbs, refined sugar, and dairy.



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