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How Olympic Runner Allyson Felix Stays Motivated

Make a Date

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"The biggest way I stay motivated is to run with a group of friends," Felix says. "Sometimes it's hard to get going by yourself, but if you have a plan and a meeting time, you know this run will happen for sure. It's a way to have fun—while also getting in a workout. Plus it distracts from pain, helps you fight fatigue, and gives you that extra push. Even if you're working out too hard to actually have a conversation, just knowing someone else is going through the run with you is so helpful."

Respect Your Body

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"To get me in the right mindset, I have to take top care of myself: stay hydrated, stretch, listen to my body. If I have aches and pains, I need a day off to let my body recover. Make sure your body feels good before you work out, and it'll pay off during and after the run."

Make Yourself Comfortable

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"Being comfortable helps you get through your run as easily as possible. On my running days, I wear 1-Day ACUVUE contact lenses so I can just throw them away at the end of the day. I'm also really into fashion and I find that looking the part of a runner will help you feel and perform better. Nike does a great job of blending athletic wear with a fashion-forward look."

Find Your Power Song

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"Music is huge when I run. I like the Nike+ Sports Kit, which tracks your mileage and gives you a power song if you need a boost at the end. I have a ton of power songs because I need that extra energy; lately I've been liking Adele's Rolling in the Deep.

Free Your Mind

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"Our days can be so busy and hectic that running is a time to get away from it all, even if you're just up for a leisurely jog. You can let your mind wander, focus on your run and relax—to process things, get perspective, enjoy those moments of just yourself being out there."

Push Through Plateaus

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To break through the "same old, same old" in your running, "set short-term goals to keep you in check. Make them attainable, but also challenging, so you're pushing yourself within your limits."

Enjoy Every Minute

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"When I was younger, Jackie Joyner-Kersee was a mentor to me and gave me great advice. The best was to 'work 100 percent, but enjoy every moment along the way.' Sometimes you get so in the zone, you forget to enjoy your passions. I love running—but I also love the movies, relaxing on the beach, shopping and spending time with my friends. Enjoying my life helps me enjoy my running."

Pay it Forward

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If you've found a great coach or mentor for staying active, return the favor to someone else. Because Joyner-Kersee's advice was so invaluable to her, Allyson joins four other celebrities to inspire and mentor teens through an ACUVUE contest. Teens ages 13-21 can upload a video on the ACUVUE Brand channel on YouTube, showcasing what they hope to achieve one day and how they find the confidence to pursue their dreams. Click here for more info.


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